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02 May 2017

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In March, the CFAA acquired its new machine HERMLE C52 UMT, the most technologically advanced 5-axis Machining Center.

Last March, Zamudio's CFAA (Advanced Aeronautical Manufacturing Center) acquired its new HERMLE C52UMT Machining center. The Advanced Aeronautical Manufacturing Center -CFAA- was born in 2015 with the agreement between a group of companies and the University of the Basque Country in order to constitute a center of development of technology applicable in a short time to the most important processes of the sector of components of the Engine and propulsion systems in aeronautics.

The Advanced Aeronautical Manufacturing Center is expected to develop advanced manufacturing technologies aimed at the manufacture of aeronautical engine components and other aeronautical components. This definition must be understood in a broad sense, since every modern production process now incorporates aspects of manufacturing, control, monitoring and planning technologies.

The Hermle C52UMT is already a very advanced center that companies like Rolls Royce or ITP have bought more than 120 units in the last 4 years.

The UMT version is a multitasking version, for milling and turning, of parts up to Ø 1290 mm and 2000 kg and heads of 9.000 rpm, 71 kW, 560 Nm.

In addition to the features of the standard model, the C52UMT delivered to the CFAA, has other technologies, which make it the most technologically advanced 5-axis machining center manufactured to date.

• Head of 80,000 rpm 1,7kw for super finishes.
• Cooling oil lubrication.
• Cryogenic machining
• High internal 80Bar pressure, 10 external bar
• Artis
• Rensihaw SPRINT ™ high speed scanning system
• MQL, internal and external air
• Chip Balluf
• Data collection system for the spindle.

This center will have the capacity to develop new manufacturing processes, as well as to test technologies that can later be added to future centers.

The Hermle C52UMT center can also be equipped with automatic pallet loader and magazines of up to 300 tools in HSK100.


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