22 May 2019

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Ximo Puig highlights training and the commitment to technology as fundamental pillars of the progress of Valencian society

The President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has highlighted training and the commitment to technology as fundamental pillars in the progress of Valencian society.

This is what the head of the Council, Ximo Puig, said during a visit to the facilities of the Fresdental production and training centre in the town of Pedreguer in Alicante, where he pointed out the importance of competitive factors such as technology or robotisation in the development of the Valencian and Spanish 4. 0 industry.

For Puig, ;amp"if we do not make progress on this path, it will be impossible to be in a competitive world in which globalisation is a reality";. For this reason, the president stresses the importance of ;amp"being able to domesticate or adapt the interests of society to globalisation";, since ;amp"the future of companies depends on industry 4. 0 and the improvement of productivity through training and technology";.

The head of the Valencian Executive has placed the region of the Navy as one of the points of creation of relevant companies ;amp"with great capacity for entrepreneurship and creativity. In this sense, Puig considered Fresdental to be ;amp"a magnificent vitaminic example of this commitment to technological innovation and training"; and ;amp"one of the 500 Spanish companies with the greatest technological contribution";.

In the same way, the President highlighted the Generalitat's intention to ;amp"create an ecosystem favourable to innovation and the development of technology centres";.

;amp"In the Valencian Community there are many focuses of daily development such as universities, the Valencian Agency of Innovation, the Valencian Institute of Finance and the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness, where it is necessary that this ecosystem works in a synergic way and opportunities are not lost,"; he defended.


Effort to dignify Vocational Training

Likewise, the President of the Generalitat has expressed his intention to "dignify the Vocational Training"; associated with the current labour market, since "it cannot be just a question of big companies". "We have to try to motivate new generations to see the future that is presented through technology, innovation and vocational training,"; he concluded..


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